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About Us

Welcome to Maree London, a brand you can trust, a brand for every generation, a brand that will be there, throughout the year to help you celebrate every special occasion. Designer & founder Maria Thompson first started her journey as a 3D sculpturist working with wood and ceramic, creating functional & non-functional pieces of art, once she discovered her love of metal and its beauty her career changed overnight. Having a 3D design background Maria brings a unique outlook to jewellery, creating each piece as a beautiful piece of art.

Having a deeply felt passion for people, as well as design, Maria loves making happy memories with her customers, as her jewellery is given as a special gift on birthdays, Christmas’s, anniversaries & other special days in your life. The collections are made up of precious metals, precious stone & gemstones. As a brand, we hope to create forever pieces of jewellery that you will love to give, love to receive and will past down through generations to come.

The Maree London Brand creates beautiful pieces of Jewellery which incorporate three key principles. We draw inspiration from the simplicity and innate quality of the materials worked with, it reflects our deep felt passing for all things three dimensional and finally it incorporates fluidity and flexibility into the notion of wearer.

About Maree London

Such open interpretation means the Maree London collections really do appeal to all ages. Pieces range from one-off unique items to stylish, fashionable designs and elegant evening wear, to Bespoke Engagement and Wedding bands. Let Maree London take the stress away so that you can concentrate on the proposal!

The thoughtful Bespoke Jewellery can be adjusted to reflect individual preferences, so that size length and finish can be personalised if required. Engraving and stone setting, both Precious and Semi Precious Stones, can also take the personal touch one step further.

There are endless possibilities — from the existing collection or by applying your own taste and style.

Our Designer is available for personal consultations to discuss any creative ideas that you may have. If you are interested in influencing the design of your own unique piece of jewellery, be that Engagement and Wedding Rings all the way through to your Best Man’s cufflinks, then our Designer would be delighted to meet with you and help bring your ideas to life.

All Maree London jewellery comes in a stylish, high-quality presentation box.

Maree London forever in mind.