Maree LondonPiers & Jo’s Story

Piers & Jo’s Story

Piers and Jo came into the studio in Greenwich in 2015. Jo wanted an engagement ring that was a little different from the rest and wanted to be involved in the design and creation of this project.

Initially, Jo wanted an engagement ring that had a think band and her initial idea was that the engagement ring and wedding band when worn together would look like one ring.

Maria sourced various Diamonds for Jo to choose from with different clarities and cuts and eventually found the perfect one for her.

Further along the design process, Jo had decided that rather than combining the engagement ring and wedding band to look like one, she wanted to keep them separate as a stand-alone piece. That’s the beauty of working with a designer on a project like this. Sometimes you never know how a commission will look until it starts to come together and therefore gives you the flexibility and freedom to change the direction.

We had been given a deadline for the commission, but Piers had contacted us to ask if we could bring it forward to an earlier date as he wanted to propose on their anniversary. We always aim to please our clients, so for Maria, this just meant a few late nights in the studio. When you love what you do it’s all part of the job!

Both Piers and Jo came into the studio for what was her final fitting and unbeknownst to Jo all the shenanigans that were going on behind the scenes!

Jo’s Engagement ring was 6mm & her Wedding band was 2 mm, Piers had a 6 mm band. For a touch of romance, we added an engraved line around Piers’s band to give the illusion of the same look as Jo’s band. From an aesthetic point, this gives greater continuity between the two band when they are side by side.

Maria’s background in design coupled with her creative flexibility means that if you can visualize it, then she can create it.