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Amethyst Silver Dasiy Flower Ring


A beautiful delicate silver amethyst ring, if you are into dainty jewellery this was made for you.

  • Sterling Silver
  • Daisy flower 0.8 cm, depth 0.3 cm
  • Stacking ring
  • Amethyst 0.2mm
  • Birthstone February 
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The Daisy Flower is the smallest flower in the signature Flower Collection. 

A beautiful delicate amethyst silver ring. How something so small can make a statement!


UK = K

US = 5 ½

EU = 50 ¼


UK = N

US = 7

EU =54


UK = Q

US = 8 ½

EU = 57 ½

I’m sure you will agree, a stunning piece of jewellery for any time of the year! Wear this silver ring every day, on its own or for a full impact stack with lots of other rings from the daisy collection or your jewellery box. You really will enjoy every minute wearing this ring.


(Please contact us if you need this piece before the estimated delivery date, as every effort will be made to deliver your item earlier)

The birth flower for February: Violet & Primrose
Amethyst is a stone of spiritual protection and purification, cleansing one’s energy field of negative influences and attachments, and creating a resonant shield of spiritual Light around the body. It acts as a barrier against lower energies, psychic attack, geopathic stress and unhealthy environments.

What is Amethyst symbolize? 

The amethyst purple colours represented the purity of spirit. Its purplish & reddish hues represented the chastening & purifying effects of suffering. Amethysts also believed to aid the healing of wounds.

What Are the Amethyst Stone Benefits for the Body?
  • Amethyst Provides Serenity. …
  • Amethyst Promotes Hormone Balance. …
  • Amethyst Helps With Weight Loss. …
  • Amethyst Detoxifies the Body. …
  • Amethyst Reduces Headaches. …
  • Amethyst Helps With Other Physical Issues. …
  • Amethyst Provides Stress Relief

We strive to create timeless, contemporary pieces of jewellery you will always feel a million dollars in. Classic designs you will fall in love with, which will be there for you anytime of the year no matter your age, your style, the occasion, we design with all of this in mind to bring you beautiful pieces of jewellery that will light you up from the inside out, making you smile every day. 

This beautiful amethyst silver ring is part of a larger collection. If you love sets, we have a matching bracelet, necklace drop or stud earrings & stacking rings to complete your look. 

A classic design with a contemporary, timeless feel.

Here at Maree London, we love the idea that our designs are creating lasting memories for you and your loved ones.

London Designer.



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Jewellery Care

To maintain the quality of your Maree London adornment the following directions can applied to help prevent tarnishing and loss of shine.

  • Jewellery should be stored out of direct sunlight and all Maree London purchases come with a soft fabric lined box or pouch to keep them protected from scratches and knocks.
  • Avoid wearing jewellery when using chemicals and wear after lotions or perfumes have been applied to the body.

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