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  • Rose Gold Necklace with Red Garnet
  • Rose Gold Necklace with Red Garnet

Red Garnet Rose Gold Necklace


Stunning Stone Collection at Maree London, Beautiful Plated Rose Gold Necklace with Red Garnet. Various metals available and with a variety of stones.


Plated Rose Gold Necklace with Red Garnet, with a 16-18inc adjustable chain, from Designer Maree London.
Garnet: Represents, Creating what you truly want
Helps with: Garnets help you turn your visions into physical reality. The six types of garnets help with different types and levels of manifestation. The most represented in jewelry is pyrope garnet. This type of garnet helps the wearer release guilt and shame, open to receiving love, and walk forward with a sense of clarity and self-worth.
Beautiful Rose Gold Necklace with Red Garnet, Plated Rose Gold, with our Signature Geometric Design.

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From The Stunning Stone Collection at Maree London and also part of our Bridal Party Collection. This Stunning  Rose Gold Necklace with Red Garnet and with Maree London’s Signature Geometric Design, is a summer must have. Beautifully set with a Turquoise , is part of a set and available in a variety of Stones from Pearl, Amethyst to Onyx. Our best selling Bridesmaids accessory is Versatile, Elegant and Timeless. Capture the romance with a Stunning Stone. Available also in Yellow Gold Plated and Silver.
Accessorize your Groom and his Party with matching Cufflinks. Father of the Bride will look Exquisite in these Bespoke Matching Cufflinks!
Find out about our Bridal package and what Maree London can do for you on your big day! Liaise with your own person coordinator to create your dream Jewellery package for your exciting day.
Meet with our Designer and Founder Maria Thompson and work closely together with us to design your dream piece. Develop your ideas and then let us bring them to life.
Whether it’s a  Rose Gold Necklace with Red Garnet, an Elegant pair of Stud Earrings, a Contemporary pair of Cufflinks from our ‘For Him’ Collection or a Bespoke Necklace from our Bridal Collection Maree London can assist you with your Jewellery and accessory needs. Let Maree London be your personal Jeweler and shop with confidence.
Call us at Maree London directly today to discuss your options with your Bespoke Commission ideas. We’d love to hear them!
Established in 2008 the Maree London Brand is on trend and in demand.
Style, Design, Creation and Geometry are at the forefront of the Maree London brand. We strive to create Timeless and Contemporary pieces of jewellery in Silver, Gold, Gold Plated , Rose Gold Plated and Yellow Gold Plated . Featured Rose Gold Necklace with Red Garnet.

Maree London forever in mind.



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Jewellery Care

To maintain the quality of your Maree London adornment the following directions can applied to help prevent tarnishing and loss of shine.

  • Jewellery should be stored out of direct sunlight and all Maree London purchases come with a soft fabric lined box or pouch to keep them protected from scratches and knocks.
  • Avoid wearing jewellery when using chemicals and wear after lotions or perfumes have been applied to the body.
  • When using jewellery clean solution for 30 seconds. Rinse with water and clean with a damp cloth. Wash and dry hands after use.

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