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Gold and Silver Ring with Pearl



Pearl: Self care, nur­tur­ing & emo­tion­al heal­ing
Nat­ur­al pearls are unique gems in that they are cre­at­ed bio­log­i­cal­ly by a sea mol­lusk adding suc­ces­sive lay­ers of mate­r­i­al con­sist­ing of shell, arag­o­nite, and cal­cite. As such they do not have the nat­ur­al crys­talline struc­ture of most crys­tals that are used for heal­ing. How­ev­er, they do car­ry the ener­gy of their com­po­nent min­er­als, as well as the nur­tur­ing med­i­cine of the sea.
Due to the nature of this item, deliv­ery will be between 7–10 work­ing days, how­ev­er every effort will be made to dis­patch soon­er. Con­tact our coor­di­na­tor mareelondon123@gmail.com
Gold and Sil­ver Ring with Pearl Cre­at­ed by British Design­er Maree Lon­don. The ‘Ether’ Col­lec­tion.
‘Ether’ The clear sky, the upper regions of air and beyond the clouds.
Part of the Cat­walk ‘Earth’ Col­lec­tion, the ‘Ether’ is the lit­tle sis­ter of the ‘Earth’ A more refined adap­ta­tion, with all the Grace and Ele­gance of the Maree Lon­don brand while stay­ing true to our ethos, ‘Where Geom­e­try meets Ele­gance’

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This Stun­ning Gold and Sil­ver Ring with Pearl is Per­fect for any occa­sion, is on trend and very much in demand!
Con­sist­ing of Stun­ning Drop Ear­rings, a Ring, three Neck­laces and a Ban­gle, set with Beau­ti­ful Pre­cious white Pearls, Rose Quartz and Ama­zonite. Avail­able in Sil­ver, Sil­ver and Yel­low Gold com­bined, Sil­ver and Rose Gold com­bined.
Fol­low­ing recent mar­ket trends and fash­ions, we’ve seen a huge surge in the demand for mixed coloured met­als such as Rose Gold and Sil­ver. This is the first time we’ve launched a mixed met­al com­po­si­tion are thrilled with the results.
Make it your own:
We were excit­ed to exper­i­ment with the pos­si­bil­i­ties of engrav­ing a Maree Lon­don piece. Our Design­er has cre­at­ed one Neck­lace with­in the Col­lec­tion that you can per­son­alise and make your own. An ini­tial, Spe­cial date, anniver­saries, birth of a baby, what­ev­er the occa­sion. Make it you!
Hear from our Design­er:
‘My inspi­ra­tion for this design came one evening at the Obser­va­to­ry in Green­wich Park. I’m blessed that this is my route home and often stop off, take a moment to watch the world go by. The Green­wich Mean Time line, cou­pled with the stars fight­ing through the clouds for cen­tre stage in the evening sky. Nev­er with­out my sketch­book I hur­ried­ly made some draw­ings. The time­line, the stars, the clouds. So was born the ‘Ether’
Maree Lon­don for­ev­er in mind.
Fea­tured Gold and Sil­ver Ring with Pearl.



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Jew­ellery Care

To main­tain the qual­i­ty of your Maree Lon­don adorn­ment the fol­low­ing direc­tions can applied to help pre­vent tar­nish­ing and loss of shine.

  • Jew­ellery should be stored out of direct sun­light and all Maree Lon­don pur­chas­es come with a soft fab­ric lined box or pouch to keep them pro­tect­ed from scratch­es and knocks.
  • Avoid wear­ing jew­ellery when using chem­i­cals and wear after lotions or per­fumes have been applied to the body.
  • When using jew­ellery clean solu­tion for 30 sec­onds. Rinse with water and clean with a damp cloth. Wash and dry hands after use.

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